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Tiger Envelopes: General FAQ

Tiger Privacy 

Click on a question to get answers about what Tiger Envelopes is, how it works, or why you need it. If you have technical questions about using Envelopes, then review the Support FAQ.


What is Tiger Envelopes?

Why do I need it?

What are the benefits of Tiger Envelopes?

How does it work?

Can I still exchange plain email?

How does it work when the other person doesn't have Envelopes?

Mail clients

Can I use Tiger Envelopes with my existing mail client (e.g., Outlook 2K)?

Which mail clients does it support?

Does Tiger Envelopes work with web based accounts (e.g., Hotmail)?

What communication protocols does Envelopes support?

More answers about mail clients

Keys and passphrases

What is the advantage of automatically exchanging keys?

What's the advantage of Tiger Envelopes creating a passphrase for me?

More answers about keys and passphrases


What's the advantage of Tiger Envelopes over another encryption program?

Which encryption programs does Envelopes support?

If I don't have anything to hide, why do I need encryption?

But if I use encryption won't the spooks notice me?

Why not just pass laws to stop snooping?

Aren't telecommunications companies legally required to bypass encryption?

Why OpenPGP instead of S/MIME?

More answers about encryption


How are the Tiger Envelopes products licensed?

More questions

Why is Envelopes Open Source?

Who's the tiger?

Where else can I get answers to my questions?

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