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Tiger Envelopes: Technical

Tiger Privacy 


Tiger isn't just easy. It's also advanced protection for your mail.


Answers to your questions.     General     Support    


Testers and code reviewers are Tiger Tamers. They get credit right alongside the developers.

Code reviews

Some people beg for money. We beg for code reviews and audits.


Threat model, recommendations, and how to develop software securely


Early outline of features and plans

Open Crypto Engine

Pluggable encryption, with support now for Bouncy Castle, GPG, and PGP

Tiger development

Tiger details for software developers and testers

Secure software

Some recommendations for software developers


Third party components and tools

Install from source

There's a lot you'll have to do by hand if you don't use one of the installers

Signed Certificates

Why we don't use centralized key servers

The Limits of Encryption

Don't swallow any snake oil

How to surf privately

Right under the NSA's nose

Support Individual Rights Privacy policy
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