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Tiger Envelopes: Tiger Tamers

Tiger Privacy 

You become a Tiger Tamer when you tell us about anything that needs to be improved in the software or on the web site. Testers and code reviewers are also Tiger Tamers. You deserve at least as much credit as the developers. If you contributed by email we won't list you without your permission. If we've missed anyone please let us know.

Thank you, Tiger Tamers!

Robert B. jay
Devin Rankin Tom P.
/A Luke
Li Po Ted The Tool
Richie Hindle Documentation Doctor
Juan O. Dennis
Johannes masa
Frank Jerome
Lars Robert H.
Musab Marc Bandt, Curbside M.D.
Luke Schierer J$
Richard Gollub (Brazil)       Marco Stipek
Bruce Guy Stevens
Lars Kruse Kat Sanborn
Roger NathanUK
Samba www.lionstarr.de
Majid Maleki  
and many anonymous contributors


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