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Tiger Envelopes: About Us

Tiger Privacy 


Tiger Privacy is a privately owned business. All start up funding is exclusively from the founders, who have 49 years of combined experience in starting and running successful software businesses. We are committed to remaining independent of any government or corporate influence that would compromise our mission.

Tiger Privacy started in May 2001 to make private email easy with the development of its flagship product, Tiger Envelopes. The first alpha version of Tiger Envelopes was uploaded to Source Forge in 2002 and the first beta version released in April 2006.

Tiger Envelopes has been developed exclusively in countries that have no trade restrictions on encryption.


Making private email easy.

There's a trade-off between ease of use and security. For too many years some security professionals have said any privacy that's not perfect is worse than worthless. They say it creates a false sense of security.

No one has a false sense of security about envelopes. They're made of paper. But we know they're much more private than messages without envelopes, such as postcards or email.

Tiger gives you envelopes for your email.

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